Über uns

Hier finden Sie mehr Informationen über www.ohnekleider.de.

Die ganze Idee zu dieser Webseite ist so viel wie möglich nackte Mädchen und nackte Frauen beim Sport zu zeigen.
Das ist immer lustig zu beobachten …… und warum nicht.
Nackt Sport treiben ….. ausgekleidet Sport treiben ….. Sport ohne kleider ….. egal wie Sie es nennen wollen.
Wir werden versuchen so lange wie möglich diese Website kostenlose zu halten.
Dadurch bleibt es geil diese Seite noch anzusehen.

All the naked sporting girls are found somewhere on the internet.
We haven’t made anything our selves ….. just search good and hope for the best.

Do you have a question for us please send an email to email (a) ohnekleider.de.
You can also send tips and suggestions for this webpage to this email address.

Can’t watch a movie!!!
Sometimes the movies on this page are not visible, this can maybe be solved with one of the solutions below:
Solution 1. Please update your flash player.
More information here.
Solution 2. The flashplayer on your system is not installed properly.
Go to the adobe website.
Go to ‘Download Adobe Flash Player’ and install the flash player.
Restart your browser and to watch the movie again.
Solution 3. Sometimes a movie is not placed correct in your cache.
Just wait two minutes (while watching another movie on this page) and try the movie again.
The movie is now loaded totally new from the internet and should work normal this time.

Movies on my PC.
With our movies you can find a dowload link.
And with this link you can download the movie to your own harddrive. You can now watch the movie on your own system with for example VideoLAN media player.

To download this program check THIS PAGE .

Movies on your iOS, Mac, Ipad or Iphone.
This page is made with flash movies.
Which is not very usefull for iOS, Mac, Ipad or Iphone because you can’t use them.
That’s why we place a download link with all our movies so you can still watch the movies.
Try to use VLC or the VLC app in the appstore.

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